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Lunatic lore has it that one night, while founder Joey Green ’80 was laying on Libe slope and overlooking the dim twinkle of downtown Ithaca, he was abruptly confronted by a large, frightening man. “Give me your wallet,” the man said, as he held out a rusty kitchen knife to Joey’s face. “Give me your wallet or I’ll cut your face off and wear it on my face.”

Joey — wise, handsome, popular Joey — had grown up on the streets of Miami, the global capital of crime during the late 70s. He knew exactly what to do: With a glimmer in his eye he turned to the mugger and said, “You know what? I’ll do you one better.” The mugger was taken aback. What could this suave, sexy young man possibly give him that was better than the contents of his wallet?

Joey felt his body relax. “I’ll give you…” he paused, “the gift of farce.”

And in that moment, the tetanus knife tumbled to the ground. The mugger clutched his heart, for it had suddenly been filled with a painful, stabbing heat that felt at once agonizing and arousing. Joey grinned. He had successfully transferred the power of parody, thus changing the trajectory of this man’s life. A life of crime, transformed to a life of comedy.

That young man’s name? William Shakespeare.

Want to join the ranks of Joey Green (Class of 1980) and William Shakespeare (Class of 1586)?

Email by 10:00 PM on Saturday, 2/10/18 with your name, graduating year, and the following:


  • Attach 1-2 pages of written, humorous work. This can be something you have written and published in the past or something you write solely for this application.
  • Submit 2 additional ideas for original content. Each idea should be 1-2 sentences in length.


  • Attach 1-2 original art pieces or comics.
  • Submit 2 additional ideas for original, humorous comics or artwork.

Designers (Layout Editors)

  • Attach around 1 page of layout work or graphic designing that you’ve done.

Business Managers

  • Send us your CV. We promise we’ll actually read it.

If you’re applying for more than one of these roles, indicate which is your first choice, second choice, etc.

If you have any questions, email us! We look forward to learning more about what you can offer our esteemed publication.

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