Who we are

Who is The Lunatic?

On April 1, 1978, a dream was born. A silly, not altogether normal dream about two state senators from Missouri and a jar of spicy dijon mustard. An admirable dream about a life of uncertainty, a hard life of animal husbandry and rigid macroeconomic theory. It was a dream of Americans, the American dream, a dream with some Americans in it—and a jar of spicy dijon mustard.

But then there was another dream, a preposterous dream, a dream about a humor magazine, a magazine based on humor, a humorous magazine born of the hearts and minds of some humorous people, their desires, fears, wants, and delusions. In short, a dream about the Cornell Lunatic, Cornell University’s only award-winning humor magazine.

Our Editorial Board

Editor in Chief
Gabriella Cawley ‘23

Executive Editor
Lizzie Viebranz ‘23

Clara Enders ‘22

Art Directors
Lee Brunco ‘21
Ayesha Chari ‘24

Layout Editor
Max Battaglia ‘23

Web Editor
Matt Dreyer ‘23

Carlos Po ‘22

The Lunatic in Fall 2021