We’re not CU Nooz

We’d like to set the record straight: we got here first. Cornell Lunatic was founded in Ithaca, New York, in 1978, 38 years before that other website got its start.

A few notes on Lunatic v. Nooz

  • The two institutions were not named for the same person, but our namesake (Dingo P. Lunatic) and theirs (Jacob G. Nooz) were distant cousins.
  • The Lunatic has about 1,100 physical copies available. The Nooz: None.
  • Lunatic faculty publish one magazine at a time and around two per year. Nooz faculty publish the equivalent of 5 magazines worth of bullshit per semester, and around 12 per year (including holidays, since apparently Nooz staff has nothing more important to do with their time).
  • The Lunatic holds an award; the Nooz holds zero.
  • Cornell Lunatic is headquartered in the heart of Cornell University, which got its name from Ezra Cornell, who probably inherited his name from his grandfather or something.   CU Nooz is based on the internet, so we all know that will never last.
  • Winters at the Lunatic are snowy and cold. Winters at the Nooz, on the other hand, are … reported on way too often because they think it’s still funny to make jokes about it.
  • The Lunatic has an average of 193 good jokes in every magazine, while the Nooz has an average of just 15 per 1000 articles.
  • The mascot for our magazine is a moon; theirs is probably something stupid.
  • Both magazines have dedicated followers.  Hence the nicknames “The Good Magazine” (us) and “The Overheard Spam” (them).
  • Both magazines feature jokes written by Cornell students: Original Content #1-200 (us) and Unfunny Prelim Jokes #71-76 (them).
  • Ithaca is approximately 225 miles from The Big Apple. The Internet is used by criminals and terrorists. Coincidence? You decide.

Source: http://www.cornellcollege.edu/about-cornell/not-in-ithaca.shtml

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