Top 10 Reasons to Donate to the Cornell Lunatic on Giving Day

There are less than 4 hours left of Giving Day. Honestly, we have no clue how much money we’ve made, because we forgot to request a live dashboard. SO that means we will continue mercilessly begging until your wallet is empty!

1. We’re hot.
2. Our treasurer left her wallet on top of her car and it got stolen.
3. Support women in comedy? (and other people, I guess).
4. We’re hot.
5. We don’t have enough time to make a group OnlyFans.
6. We have many good ideas but most of them cost money.
7. People used to have to pay to get our magazines but now they are so generously free, so basically what if you sent us a little gift? It’s like PBS or Wikipedia, except more educational.
8. I put our funding from 1980 into an inflation calculator and basically we should be getting $9,000 per semester? What the fuck.
9. Our livelihood depends on you. You owe us.
10. We’re hot.

Donate here! For one night and one night only!
If this didn’t convince you, maybe this photo of a saddleback caterpillar will.

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