On-Campus Black Friday Deals


The holiday season is approaching, and with Thanksgiving already under our belts, it’s time to look forward to Christmas, and more importantly, Christmas shopping! You’re probably wondering, “I’ll be on campus, there’s no way I can take advantage of any Black Friday deals!” Well, that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo. Some on-campus locations are providing you all with door-busting deals that will knock your socks off.

We’ll start with the most obvious, The Cornell Store, where you can buy anything from mouse pads to menstrual pads for your loved ones. You’ll find a plethora of deals throughout the store on all of your favorite items, including a buy one get one free offer for products of over $50. However, to avoid losing too much revenue on items, The Cornell Store does not officially advertise this offer and it’s more of a “secret menu” type of deal. Once you pile up your McGangbang of electronics in your shopping basket, bring it to the cashier, who will gladly ring up your discounted goods. In the event that they’re unfamiliar with the sale, a small weapon like a knife or pizza roller will suffice as a sort of pseudo-coupon.

Don’t miss out on the other hotspot for deals: our beloved Nasties. Here you can take advantage of buying eight slices of buffalo-wing pizza for the price of seven! Tell your friends that dinner is on you tonight!

DISCLAIMER: We are legally obligated to remind you to shop at your own risk, due to the increased number of protesting students taking a knee against the term “Black Friday.”

Rajiv Kommareddy ‘19

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