6 Cool Animals to Spot Around Campus

Campus may be bleak and dreary this time of year, but if you take a few minutes to look around, you’ll notice a lot of cool wildlife all around campus. One of my favorite pastimes is to walk around with my camera trying to take pictures of them. Unfortunately, these animals can be very shy, so in lieu of photographs, I have attempted to draw them to the best of my artistic ability.

  1. Deer

Found all over campus, deer are one of nature’s most graceful and gentle animals. They are truly something to fawn over.

Where to find them: on the arts quad during your 3 am walk back from the library



  1. Squirrel

OwO whats this? Squirrel-chan? Although sometimes considered pests, squirrels are actually very clever in addition to being adorable. Watch out though, these little guys get really crazy around no-nut november.

Where to find them: trees, inside my ceiling



  1. Opossum

Looking for someone who will appreciate you for who you truly are? Well, good news, because in addition to being the only marsupial you can find on campus, these critters love trash. Be careful not to get too close – they’ll rawr at you if they feel threatened.

Where to find them: probably near the garbage dumpster



  1. Spiders

Call them creepy all you want, but there’s a reason they call this guy daddy long legs

Where to find them: North campus dorms, especially Balch




  1. Birds

Do government drones count as animals? Either way they can be really pretty, at least when they aren’t in the middle of one of their horrifying assassination missions.

Where to find them: the sky. God help you if they get indoors.




  1. WolfyXxX

Ok this one is just my fursona. But hey, if Ezra Cornell can make his fursona the university mascot, I should be able to publish an article about mine, right?

Where to find me: shitposting on this website




By WolfyXxX ‘20

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