OP-ED: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Should Take That DNA Test Because I Want To Know If She’s My Mom

When President Trump suggested Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren should take a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage, I was offended and outraged. Using DNA testing to prove a sitting member of Congress’s heritage would set a dangerous precedent and would completely ignore the complexities of heritage and identity.

Upon further reflection, however, I find that Senator Warren’s situation is unique: If she were to take a DNA test, I would be able to definitively know whether or not she is my mom. As a public servant, it is Sen. Warren’s responsibility to provide every citizen of this country with the comfort of knowing for certain whether or not they are descended from Sen. Warren.

That said, I do not necessarily believe Sen. Warren to be my mom. But, hey, she could be. We live in tumultuous and frightening times: MS-13 is causing rampant crime, wages are stagnant, and since daytime dramas began to raise awareness of baby-switching crimes, an entire generation of individuals (myself included) born in the fall of 1971 at RWJ University Hospital-New Brunswick have lived their lives not knowing for certain whether they were actually birthed from future political icon and champion for the 99% Senator Elizabeth Warren, rather than her alleged “daughter” Amelia Warren Tyagi.

I implore Sen. Warren to release the results of her DNA test and accept the $1 million compensation that President Trump offered. I urge her to connect with me as a DNA relative on 23andMe, and then use the $1 million so that the two of us can go grab an ice cream or a coffee and catch up to make up for lost time. It is only fair to the tax-paying, law-abiding citizens of the United States of America that Sen. Warren subscribe to the same principles of transparency and accountability that she so avidly champions on Capitol Hill.

PM ‘19

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