7 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

Any relationship can be challenging, especially when you’re in college and potentially embarking on your first serious relationship. You might have to deal with miscommunication or opening yourself up for the first time – but there is no greater challenge than when you suspect your partner of infidelity. Here are seven signs that your partner may be cheating on you:

  1. Increased Technology Use

The first and most well-known sign of cheating is if your partner tends to spend more time on their devices than paying attention to you. One thing to look out for in particular is if they spend a lot of time smiling down at their phone or pretending to do something innocent on their computer when they’re supposed to be spending time with you. This might indicate that they’ve stopped valuing your time together as much, and have instead decided to turn their attention to other things – like a different partner.

     2. You’re Unable to Reach Them

You text your partner in the middle of the day asking about when you want to meet up again next, and she doesn’t respond until three hours later with a vague, dismissive answer like “sorry I’ve been super busy” or “oops didn’t see this.” If this sounds familiar to you, then your partner might be with someone else while you’ve been waiting for her response.

    3. Her Schedule Changes

Finally, you get through to your partner to schedule some time together, but she ends up cancelling the day of because she “doesn’t need to meet with you anymore.” Oh really, Maddy? What exactly is that supposed to mean, you’ve “finished already?” You’ve got something better to do?

    4. She Treats You Differently

I thought I was supposed to be your first priority. I saw Caroline earlier today and told her why I was by myself and she said, “Wow, that’s weird, aren’t you guys always together?” and I said, “Yeah, Caroline, that’s what I thought.” Maybe I should spend more time with Caroline. How would you like that, huh?

   5. What the Hell, Maddy?

We were supposed to be exclusive. Or at least that’s what I thought, and then you went off by yourself and did it with someone else. Are you trying to tell me something, Maddy? Are you? Am I not good enough for you or something? Is that it? Is it???

   6. You Think I Understand Gauss’s Law? I Don’t Understand Gauss’s Law, Dammit

The whole point of us working together on physics was that we would help each other, not that you’d go off and do the whole goddamn problem set on your own and leave me depressed and alone. You were supposed to be my rock, Maddy, and instead you were a croissant. That’s right. You’re flaky.

   7. In Conclusion, Fuck You

I’m getting a new partner. Might even go and see that one TA who’s really good at surface integrals, which I know made you jealous. I’ll see you next week in lecture. You’d better watch out, because I fully intend to ruin the curve for you and take my revenge.

By Kristina Gu, ‘23

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